Building Amenities


147 ft. beach frontage with about 50 ft. of white sand at high tide and
350 ft. at low tide.

Built in 1989; the building has 8 floors.

Fire safety includes a fully sprinkled building; automatic alarms and
reporting; heat, smoke and CO detectors in each unit; and
pressurized stairways.

The first floor has a lobby, indoor pool / meeting room with kitchen / bath rooms,
42 individual storage cages and 8 garages.

Floors 2 through 8 have 42 individual units. Each floor has 6 units (1-1 br, 1-3 br, 4-2 br). All units are individually owned.

Some owners rent their units (minimum one month), and some are year round residents.

The elevator is equipped with a telephone connected directly to 911
and a safety system which sends it to the 1st floor and opens the
door if there is a fire.

Building security is enhanced by closed circuit video recording;
visitor telephone access from front door; and proximity fob entry at
the front and beach doors.

Primary building heat is provided by the Association from a propane
furnace on the roof, into the eight hallways and through a door
undercut into each unit.

A trash chute and recycle bins for paper, cardboard, glass and plastic
are available on each floor.

The pool room is equipped with a separate automatic temperature
and humidity control system that monitors the dew point on the glass

The lawns and gardens around the building are watered by a six
zone sprinkler system that usually comes on early each morning in
the summer.

The association is a nonprofit corporation made up of the unit owners.

It is administered by a Board of Directors, half of whom are elected each year for a two year term.

 The Association’s Annual Meeting is on the third Saturday of July.

The Association’s Declaration is on file at the York County Registry of Deeds.

The Bylaws and the “Rules & Regulations” are available on the Owner’s Area.